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Welcome to hp_fanflicks! I noticed that there was no one central location for us Harry Potter fans to post links to our fan videos. Thus, this community was born. Post any types of videos - ship related, gen, whatever. Just a few rules before you do.

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1) Any type of hosting site is acceptable, be it your own server or a file sharing site like You Send It. Artistic Alley hosts vids on their site, and has almost 600 available for viewing in their gallery. Veritaserum hosts HP videos on their site. YouTube is also a pretty popular site for hosting vids.

2) Any ship is acceptable, but no videos bashing a certain character or ship.

3) Please tag your entries. This is important so that people who are only looking for a vid related to a specific character or ship can find what they are looking for easier than scrolling through every single community entry.

4) FEEDBACK FEEDBACK FEEDBACK So important it merits being said three times. It takes a lot of time and effort to get a video just perfect, and seeing reviews will make the creator happy and want to do more. So, please review.

5) DO NOT STEAL VIDEOS. This includes putting them on your website without the creator's permission, hotlinking, and especially stealing clips or full videos. If you want to use any clips used in a video you have seen, or find out where the creator found their clips, PLEASE ASK FIRST. This is the one rule that I will not be flexible about.

6) VERY periodically, there will be challenges, with a prize of some sort for the winner. Rules for the contest will be posted in the contest post.

Any other questions? Contact me.
Owner/Mod: jacyevans

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Wanna be an affiliate? Leave a comment to this post and I will add you as soon as I can. Anyone is welcome :)

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