The Flying Pumpkin (flying_pumpkin) wrote in hp_fanflicks,
The Flying Pumpkin

Dirty Little Secret (Harry/Snape, dark)

Title: Dirty Little Secret (or, The Second Time Around)
Rating: PG-13 for dark themes.
Pairing: Harry/Snape
Warning: violence, abuse, dub-con, character death.
Summary: After some insistence from Snape, Harry becomes involved in what he thinks will be some very exciting, passionate sex "classes" with his older and more experienced teacher. Soon, but still too late, he realises he is falling deeper and deeper into a terrible nightmare with only one way out. Will the price be too high to pay?
Info: Clips from the first four HP movies, the song "The Fantasy" by "30 Seconds to Mars". Approximately 4:30 of length.
Notes: This video is quite dark, as you probably noticed. By the way, if you want a complete (and somewhat lengthy) summary, I posted one here.


Tags: slash

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